Top 10 best kitchen storage solutions

The key to any organized, functional kitchen is good storage.  Here are some great solutions to give you the best out of your space…


Top 10 best storage solutions for your kitchen


#1- Tray Dividers
The space above an oven, (or I typically put this above the refrigerator), is perfect for tray dividers.  This area is usually harder to get to without using a step stool.  Because it is 24″ deep, it makes for great storage for trays, serving platters, cutting boards and baking pans.  You only need to be able to hook your finger on the front edge of whatever you are trying to get out.  Easy peasy… no stool!



#2 Spice Storage
There are a few solutions for spice storage, but I do like to contain it in 1 area.  A pull out base cabinet is great for oils, vinegars and cooking sprays, but is also good for large spice containers.  Drawers are good for smaller spices.


Top 10 best storage solutions for your kitchen


#3 Pots & Pans Drawers
This is something I try and put in every kitchen.  Not a roll out drawer cabinet- but big deep drawers!  At least 30″ wide, but I will do 33″ or 36″ if there is enough room.



#4 Roll Outs
My number 1 storage is drawers, but sometimes you want the flexibility for taller items (like stock pots or a mixer).  Roll outs that are adjustable fit this need.  They are also a must for pantry cabinets…


Top 10 best storage solutions for your kitchen


#5 Plate divider inserts.  I have put these in for clients that have bad backs, or just prefer to have their dishes in a drawer.  It is a great solution vs. reaching into an upper cabinet with a stack of heavy plates.


Top 10 best storage solutions for your kitchen dish dividers


#6 Pull out waste containers
This is another must for the kitchen.  Front container for trash, back for recycling.  I have also used this type of cabinet for dog food (single waste container). The containers with the guides attached at the top usually are better for longevity.  The doors that are attached to a bottom guide can become tweaked over time (with the constant opening at the top of the door).



#7 Toekick step stool
This can be a must for shorter clients that are always needing to grab a step stool for those top shelves of cabinets.  The unused space under the toekick is the perfect spot for these step stools that are connected to a matching piece of wood. There are small wheels that are connected to the legs that make it easy to slide the stool back in place.


Top 10 best storage solutions for your kitchen


#8 Custom utensil dividers
These are great for the obvious silverware and cooking utensils, but they are also great for a junk drawer or phone charging area.  They could also be used as a quick organizer for coupons (store, restaurant, etc…)



#9 Magic Corner
For the kitchens that have corner cabinets, sometimes a lazy susan doesn’t fit- or isn’t wanted.  A blind corner cabinet is probably one of the most inaccessible cabinets…. until you put a Magic Corner in it!  Engineer homeowners love these;)



#10 Family Information Area
Even the smallest spaces can house a calendar, to do list, key storage and cell phone storage.  A 3″ or 6″ tall panel at the end of a refrigerator or other cabinet could house all of these items.  Put them behind a decorative door and all the clutter is hidden:)


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