Lake Redstone whole house remodel

As with many of my clients, one room will turn into another as we go… sometimes it’s inevitable;)  With this client, we have worked on 2 whole house remodels and 3 remodels of their family’s business during the last 3 years.  It all started with their weekend house though…

My client was almost embarrassed to show me the “before” house we were going to be working on.  The furnishings and décor were old items they had thrown in this house just to have something to sit on!  They did not reflect their tastes at all…

Lake Redstone kitchen remodel before

We started with the kitchen. At first my client just wanted to replace the counters with granite.  The cabinets were not in that great of shape, and the ends were discolored.  Making the investment with granite tops, and adding them on sub-par cabinets (especially since she was not happy with the layout either) just did not make sense. I specified new cabinets in a darker walnut stain, we modernized the layout, added granite and a fun backsplash, and replaced some of the appliances.  Here is the after:

Lake Redstone dark wood kitchen remodel with walnut and granite counters

Lake Redstone dark wood kitchen remodel with walnut and granite counters

There was a full wall that separated the living and dining area.  We shortened it to 36″ high…. you can just see it in this picture. It really opened up both rooms to each other!

The dining area got some new drapes, which we hung at the ceiling to make the walls look higher.  We wanted to do something unique for the dining table.  I had a carpenter custom make the table with a piece of tulip poplar, and the legs are steel boxes.  A drum pendant light finished the look in this area.

Lake Redstone dark wood kitchen remodel with walnut and custom dining table

In the living room, we hung new draperies and picked out all new furniture.  The new arrangement made for lots of conversational seating and the new 1/2 wall connected the space to the kitchen/dining area. The chairs by the window came with a swivel so they could easily turn to look out at the lake. The tables in this room were also custom made, but out of spalted maple and steel instead.

Lake Redstone modern great room remodel with gray paint

The hole in the fireplace was closed up, and a new flat screen tv was hung on the wall.  The entire wall was tiled with 12×24 tiles installed in a vertical direction to add more height.  A new, more modern mantel was built to mimic the furniture pieces and floating shelves in the kitchen.

Lake Redstone modern great room remodel with gray paint

Here are some more before and after pictures side by side…

Lake Redstone modern kitchen remodel before and after


Lake Redstone modern great room remodel before and after


Have you had any custom pieces made for your home?  What were they?

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    • Thanks Rhonda! I wanted something unique here… I don’t think many people can say they have a tulip poplar dining table;)

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