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Custom cabinets + great style = awesome home:)

Every once in a while I will have a client that wants me to design the rooms in their homes, and then they have a cabinetmaker build the cabinets for them.  While I do have my own lines of cabinetry that I offer my clients, sometimes having the cabinets built ends up being a better fit.  One possible downfall of custom is timing… sometimes it can take twice as long for the custom cabinets to be built vs. getting semi-custom cabinetry.  As long as the client is aware of this, I am happy to provide the design drawings!

When using a cabinetmaker, I charge 2 different ways:

1- A flat fee is figured based on the size of the home and the number of rooms.  This would include the drawings (with up to 3 revisions) and meeting at the home to layout the cabinets with the cabinetmaker.  The client assumes all responsibility with communication, delivery and the final product.

2- Purchase the cabinetry through Traci Rauner Design. This would include all of the above, and I would handle all of the communications and logistical issues(delivery) with the cabinetmaker.

When I say communication/logistical issues, it mainly pertains to working with Amish cabinetmakers.  Many clients do not know how to contact them, or what to ask for when they do communicate.  Some Amish do not have access to phones and you either need to drive to their home (which can be hours away), or write a letter.  While this can sometimes be a cost savings, the time and energy to commit to this process can be overwhelming for some.  Option 2 that I provide takes care of all of that:)

With this project, the client did all communicating with the Amish, and I provided the design and final drawings.  There were a few revisions along the way, and after framing, I met the carpenter at their home to layout and discuss the cabinetry.

The final kitchen layout that I had when meeting with the carpenter was this:

Kitchen planA few items were changed in the kitchen from this final drawing (such as the hood), but most items stayed the same.  Here are some shots of the final kitchen:

white shaker kitchen

custom hood

white inset kitchen with glass doors




Just off the kitchen was the great room.  After a few revisions, the final product looked like this (I LOVE this fireplace!)

white shaker inset entertainment center


The master bath:

master bath with shaker inset cabinets

And the main floor bath:

main bath inset vanity

I really love how this project turned out!  The homeowner’s great taste and sense of style made this a show stopping, classic home that will not go out of style!!


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