Most often the way I come across new clients and projects is through word of mouth.  This client is the sister of another client I did some work for- who met me through his contractor friend- whom I met through another client- whom a friend referred me too… get the picture;)??  The setting for this home is on the top of a ridge outside of Mt Horeb, and along with a fantastic view, it also comes with a landing strip for their plane!

The owner wanted to expand and update her kitchen.  The front room that was originally built as a dining room was not being used at all.  The plan was to tear out some walls and add that space to the kitchen.  This picture shows the kitchen and front dining room.

2013-01-31 17.03.23 (640x479)

The walls between the dining and kitchen were removed, as well as the wall behind the sink.


after 1

Because the space ended up being really long, and somewhat narrow, I decided to split the kitchen with 2 islands.  The end by the window became the prep zone.  All cooking and food prep were accomplished at this end of the kitchen.  The other end of the island became the cleanup zone.  The large island was big enough to seat 6-9 stools (depending on the size), and the entire space was open to the large great room.

after 2

This picture shows how blocked off it was towards the great room with the wall there.

2013-01-31 17.03.23 (640x479)


Details were added such as a glass tile and tumbled marble backsplash, and stacked crown molding.

after 3

after 4


I also like to give my clients ideas for storage for their cabinetry.  This makes it easier to re-stock the cabinets after the remodel is over, and also shows what cabinets may be open for other items.  If there is a special storage need (such as a baker with food, tools and equipment) a space can be decided before anything is put away.

Here are a few ideas I gave my client for her kitchen.  She was able to take these drawings and plan out where she was putting everything.  On a side note- there was a large walk-in pantry that was built just around the corner from the clean up sink.  The everyday food items were put in the pantry to the left of the refrigerator, and the stock up food, small appliances, etc.  were placed in the walk in pantry.

storage 1 storage 2

At the end of the project, this client had a well organized kitchen with room for tons of storage and enough space to entertain all her family and friends!



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